European Research Performance ® do all the researches on braking performance, giving the racers to perform their race cars the best in various conditions. Different racers with different race styles in different characteristic of racing tracks. ERP cares the result of racers in tracks. Communication between racers and mechanics is part of our researches.

ERP is upgrading the performance of all the braking products by investing most of the expenses in doing research, we have produced many different types of rotors and pads for various racers, tracks and conditions. Temperture, pressure, friction, balancing, duration, weight, etc. are the general issues of brakings. To control the above issues, we understood different racer needs different feedback from the power of the brakes equals to the force. Especially for the amateur racers, the force that the brakes created will affect the performance of them in the race track. To be more controllable, the consistancy of the braking power in the whole race is the main issue from all the above.

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