ERP Cross-Drilled Rotors
Cool down your brake system for more stopping power with the ERP Cross Drilled Rotors. The chamfered, cross-drilled designs vent hot air for cooler surface temps, better out-gassing and wet weather response. Longer life and better braking performance don’t have to cost a fortune. Just add ERP Performance Drilled Rotors to your ride and notice the difference right away: your brakes have more power. The secret behind the power of ERP Cross-Drilled Rotors is their advanced drilled design. They vent heat, moisture and dirt far better than stock discs. ERP Performance Rotors’ exclusive Sinusoid Curve chamfering style, they’re easier on your brake pads than other cross-drilled rotors. In fact, ERP Performance Drilled Rotors fit exactly in place of the stock discs without modification or hassle.

ERP Ceramic Brake Pads
Banish worn and squealing brake pads to the doldrums by installing a set of ceramic brake pads from ERP. ERP’s longest wearing option, these brake pads deliver the quiet and forceful stopping power you’re after. And, these ceramic pads are scorched to stabilize friction levels and accelerate the break-in process. ERP Ceramic Pads are manufactured with a positive molding process so they wear evenly and last a long time. Their back plates are precision-cut or shaved so they fit perfectly in your brake caliper. And, they’re engineered to produce the least dust.

ERP Stainless Steel Brake Lines
Replace those mushy rubber stock hoses with braided stainless steel performance brake lines. Whether you're flying around a turn at the local track or just going for groceries, ERP Stainless Steel Brake Lines offer better performance and greater safety. Not only does the stainless braiding eliminate volumetric expansion, the root cause for spongy braking, it also reduces obnoxious ABS brake chatter. What's more, these ERP stainless steel brake lines will significantly shorten your stopping distance. Of course, with a name like ERP, you can count on the kit being D.O.T. certified and T.U.V. approved.

ERP Stainless Steel Clutch Line
ERP Stainless steel clutch lines are manufactured to DOT specifications. The stainless steel construction eliminates 'ballooning' associated with stock rubber lines, making for improved clutch pedal feel and better fluid transfer. ERP lines are made using teflon hose. The teflon hose has an extruded teflon core, with an outer stainless steel braided wire covering. The chrome or zinc plated steel fittings are then permanently crimped on each end. All ERP hoses have a PVC cover, which gives added protection from flying debris. One advantage is that ERP lines reduce volumetric expansion. Over time and under continuous use, OEM rubber lines can swell and expand. The rubber cover is also vulnerable to attacks from the ozone layer (rubber deteriorates and causes failure). Stainless steel hoses provide some added protection from these issues. All kits are standard with clear PVC cover hose and chrome fittings.

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