ERP Performance Rotor, offering improved braking straight out of the box. Bi-angle chamfered at the rotor’s outer surfaces to help reduce the cracking caused by repeated, high stress, high temperature brake applications. Cross-drilled designs degas brake pads and decrease rotor heat, making the braking system more effective for drivers who want to improve the performance of their vehicle’s original braking system without having to change additional brake components. ERP Performance Rotors provide excellent stopping power in everyday traffic, as well as more spirited, high performance street and highway driving.

ERP Performance Rotors match the vehicle’s original equipment rotor’s dimensions and are fully compatible with its hubs, brake calipers and road wheels. Front and rear ERP Performance Rotor s are available to provide a matched appearance on all four corners of the vehicle, and employ one-piece vented or solid rotors depending on the vehicle’s original equipment specifications. Starting with select castings, ERP Performance Rotors undergo the race-born practice of cross drilling to provide multiple paths to disperse built-up heat and gasses. The ERP Performance Rotors cross-drilled holes are bi-angle chamfered at the rotor’s outer surfaces to help reduce the cracking caused by repeated, high stress, high temperature brake applications.


Carbon (graphite) contents and structure greatly dictate the mechanical property of the cast iron for a brake rotor. Brake rotors are subject to sudden and extreme heat load cycles while as braking. Proper material and casting can help a rotor perform optimally and be more resistant to wear, without warping or cracking.

Heat Treatment
Severe brake duty cycles require not only good material but need proper heat-treatment to relieve the residual stress and further enhance the microstructure uniformity. Over the years, we have developed a proprietary process in temperature and time control to achieve the optimal result.

All of our rotors are machined by advanced CNC to a general tolerance of ±.004” and ± .002” for critical dimensions such as parallelism, thickness variation and indicator run out. We claim our tolerance in figures rather than phrases such as “tightest in the industry,” like the competition does. These tight tolerances are our best assurance of fitment, easy break-in and demanding brake performance without pulsation or vibration.

Finishing Coat
Rotors are subject to rust, and most rotors are not protected against corrosion in early years. It is not uncommon to see a rusty rotor on a car dealer’s brand new show car. When we started our performance line about four years ago, we tried and experimented with various surface coatings, and found EDP (Electro-Deposition Paint) gives the optimal result in durability and cost.

These are just highlights of how our rotors excel, from OE replacement to high performance brake rotors. ERP clearly leads the way by offering the finest quality performance rotors in the marketplace.

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